Timing is everything

You or someone close to you has just received a new iPod from Santa and a couple of days later up pops a Facebook offer of a FREE £25 iTunes gift voucher. “I’ll have some of that you think” – everyone … Continue reading

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RockYou Hack exposed over 32 million user accounts

Social application provider RockYou confirmed yesterday that a hacker had gained access to their database, exposing over 32 million user accounts. RockYou who create social applications for networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace & Bebo, will be directly notifying their … Continue reading

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New privacy ‘controls’ could share more information than before from your Facebook profile

Facebook’s new privacy controls have been causing some controversy in the last 24 hours. Unveiled as a way of providing users with more control over their information, the new privacy settings will in fact by default share more personal information … Continue reading


How to avoid scam sites and shop securely online

Last night’s One Show on the BBC included a segment (16 minutes in) about how to shop securely online and avoid scam websites. http://www.bbc.co.uk/theoneshow/ Garlik’s Tom Ilube explained how although companies may appear to be operating in the UK, with … Continue reading

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Facebook phishing campaigns still doing the rounds

We have received a few Facebook scam emails recently here at Garlik that use authentic looking Facebook email templates to try and trick you into giving up your login details as well as install a banking Trojan on your machine. … Continue reading

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Beware fake H1N1 (swine flu) Vaccination Profile emails

Yesterday we spotted a very realistic email asking the public to register their personal H1N1 Vaccination profile with the government Center for Disease Control and Prevention. By clicking the link in the email and following the instructions, you would download … Continue reading

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It’s Get Safe Online week – money laundering

Some people might say we have too many awareness weeks, but I am not one of them. All the serious ones in this industry raise much needed issues that people have to deal with everyday – things that keep you … Continue reading

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I’ve got a new credit or debit card – now what?

Staying ahead of fraudsters and protecting your identity is tricky at the best of times, but certain events in our lives can make it easier for criminals. One of the most common of these is getting a new credit or … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi hot-spots: Further information and advice

As BBC Watchdog highlighted in their programme last week ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/watchdog/2009/10/Wi-Fi_hot_spots_not_secure.html ), open Wi-Fi hot-spots such as those in cafes, restaurants, train stations and airports across the country, are not always secure and if you use these hot-spots to browse … Continue reading

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New ‘Google Dashboard’ service provides insight into the data they hold about you and the tools to help you control that information

Google have taken a welcome step towards increasing transparency regarding the data they hold for users of their services. Perhaps in response to growing unease about the volume of  user information that they store, Google have today released ‘Google Dashboard’ … Continue reading

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