NHS is in breach of their Privacy Policy

In Garlik’s view the NHS is in breach of its stated Privacy Policy as data is shared with Facebook from pages that don’t display the Facebook “Like” button. Over the last week both the NHS and Facebook have gone out … Continue reading

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NHS.uk allowing Google, Facebook, and others to track you

Yesterday, Mischa Tuffield, of Garlik, highlighted an important issue about how the NHS is allowing Google and Facebook amongst others, to track the behaviour of individuals on the NHS Choices website. http://mmt.me.uk/blog/2010/11/21/nhs-and-tracking/ The story has quickly spread and was picked … Continue reading

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Beware cold-calling ‘Anti-Virus’ scammers

BBC News today warned of anti-virus cold calls to UK internet users. An investigation from the UK’s Serious and Organised Crime Agency has found that gangs of organised cybercriminals often employ several hundred people to cold-call their victims, using scare … Continue reading

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“Is this you in this video?” Beware new Java trojan on social networking sites

Earlier this week technology website Ars Technica reported on a new Java trojan that attacks via social networking sites. The trojan is presented as a link to a video clip reading “Is this you in this video?”. Clicking the link … Continue reading

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Firesheep: New Firefox extension highlights the dangers of using WiFi hotspots.

We have previously written about the risks you take when browsing the internet over open, unsecured wireless networks such as those provided in cafes, restaurants and other public places. In summary, when you login to any online service over a … Continue reading

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Facebook doesn’t need your contact details so don’t tell them!

The following message has been bouncing around Facebook recently, you may have seen it posted by your friends or even re-posted it yourself: “Did you know your phone number could be on Facebook? Goto the top right of your screen, … Continue reading

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National e-consumer week. Tips for shopping safely online

This week is ‘national e-consumer week’ as promoted by the Trading Standards Institute, so we thought we’d give you a quick list of tips for shopping safely online: Use a website that you know to be safe or that has … Continue reading

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Payday loans company targeted by identity thieves

MCO Capital, a company that offers payday loans have been targeted by identity thieves and as a result have sent out letters to hundreds of people asking them to repay loans that they never applied for. The majority of these … Continue reading


Watch out for this 2012 Olympics phishing scam

One of our members of staff received this phishing email yesterday that tries to trick you into providing sensitive details by making you believe you may have won an ‘Olympic Lottery’. As you can see the fake email makes use … Continue reading

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Disabling Facebook Places

Facebook have this week added a new feature called ‘Places’ which allows you to check-in to specific locations. The idea is to let your friends know where you are and likewise be able to find out where your friends are. … Continue reading

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