Disabling Facebook Places

Facebook have this week added a new feature called ‘Places’ which allows you to check-in to specific locations. The idea is to let your friends know where you are and likewise be able to find out where your friends are. While this can be convenient and fun, it is important that you control both who can see this information and who has the power to post your own location to Facebook.

Unknowingly sharing your location information could pose a risk especially if this information is public, do you really want the world to know that your house is unoccupied whilst your are out in town or on holiday for a week?

Unfortunately Facebook have decided to turn this feature on by default so if you want to turn it off or at least want to control who can divulge your location then you can do so pretty easily from your privacy settings.

  • Log-in to Facebook and access Privacy Settings from the Account menu. Click on ‘Customize settings’ as shown in the image below.


  • In the ‘Things I share’ section, we recommend changing two settings. Firstly for ‘Places I check in to’  select ‘Only me’ . Second, for  ‘Include me in “People here now” after I check in’ make sure that ‘Enable’ is unchecked.


  • Finally, in the ‘Things Others Share’ section there is an option called ‘Friends can check me in to places’. Enabling this means that anyone who is a Facebook friend can check you in to any location regardless of whether you are actually there or not. We definitely recommend that you disable this option.


Have you ever been caught out by a social networking site sharing information about your location? Please let us know.

Include me in “People here now” after I check in

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