TicketWeb email marketing system hacked.

On the 11th February 2012, TicketWeb UK’s direct email marketing system was exposed to unauthorised access.

Users of TicketWeb may have received up to four emails with the subject “Action Required: Update Your PDF Application”. The email contained two links to update your “Adobe Acrobat PDF application” but you guessed it, this links to a phishing site that tempts users to enter personal information and credit or debit details..

This is the fake website created by the fraudsters, using Adobe’s trademarked logos and styles heavily. This links to some PDF related software, nothing to do with Adobe itself.

It wasn’t until the next day that TicketWeb sent an Urgent Alert email to their customers who had been affected but unfortunately, this may have been too late.

Our Advice

TicketWeb advise not to click this link & to delete the email, they also state that ‘no credit card information was vulnerable during this attack’. If, however you did fall victim to this scam and clicked the link to enter further information then you would have been prompted to enter your name and email address on the first page, choose a product version on the second page and finally enter payment information on the third page.

We have checked the scam link through ‘Virus Total’ and it does not appear that it contains any malware, so we believe that this was purely a phishing attack designed to trick customers in to sharing personal and financial information.

If you believe you have fallen victim to this scam and have shared any payment information then you should contact your bank immediately to cancel your debit or credit card.

Please feel free to get in touch at support@garlik.com for further advice and to discuss what extra information you think you might have accidentally shared, we can help!

Stay safe & stay aware

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