Watch out for “Reverse Smudge Engineering”!

This issue was brought to the attention of Tim Bray, an Android evangelist, who realised that ‘Greasy finger traces can potentially reveal the pattern used to unlock Android devices’, chances are you might have noticed the same thing if you use a similar method to unlock your phone.

The majority of Androids unlocking systems use a swipe pattern across three-by-three dots. However, after a couple of peanuts, or a few crisps, the pattern could be clearly visible on your device, giving scammers the chance to figure out the pattern from marks left on the screen.

Our Advice
Google conclude that the PIN unlocking system is safer. We would recommend checking the security settings on your Android, as some allow you to amend the way you unlock your phone.

If you cannot amend the unlocking method, we would advise being aware of the issue & wipe the screen regularly!

Stay Safe & Stay Aware

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  1. Beverly commented on September 19, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Well there are other methods of security. If your phone is nicked, you can get it disabled and also wipe your data remotely.

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