Experian Research: Behaviour and Attitudes Towards Protecting Personal Data Online

New research* today from Experian Consumer Services, the new name for Experian Interactive reveals that:

  • 70% of consumers don’t know how to protect their personal data online
  • 69% were concerned about identity theft and online crime
  • 18-24s were least likely to understand the importance of protecting online personal data.

The research sought to investigate peoples’ behaviour and attitudes towards protecting personal data online. The findings also highlight:-

  • 80% of customers are likely to be more loyal to companies that demonstrate they proactively protect customer data
  • Just under a third (30%) felt they had a good understanding of how to protect personal data online.

Peter Turner, managing director of Experian Interactive, UK&I said:

“The research showed there is a great opportunity for those companies that are transparent and are able to demonstrate to consumers how they proactively protect their data. 8 out of 10 customers were more likely to be loyal to a company that did this.

For smaller companies and those without the brand reputation of large retailers or other transaction-based sites, being able to clearly demonstrate the measures in place to protect customers from data theft may mean the difference between securing a sale over a competitor.

Throughout the research interviews it was clear there were considerable variations in both the levels of confidence people had when online and knowledge of how to protect their data online.”

Peter Turner concluded,
“The most effective way of improving levels of confidence will be greater transparency and organisations reassuring the public that they take good care of personal data entrusted to them.”

*Carried out by ICM research in May 2012

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  1. Beverly commented on August 29, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I would never have guessed such a huge number of people – 70% not understanding how to protect their data? That seems an immense number. Scary.

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