Scammers targeting Wi-Fi networks

This Christmas, sales of netbooks, laptops and tablets are set to outstrip sales of conventional PCs. The increased use of portable devices is providing scammers with a perfect opportunity to target users of public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, bars, airports … Continue reading

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If your friend’s Facebook account is compromised…don’t ignore it!

A compromised Facebook account not only leaves your own personal details as risk but also provides cyber criminals with insight into all of your friends’ personal details and activity. It’s therefore important to realise that if one of Facebook friends … Continue reading

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Phishing attack hits Xbox users

The Sun has revealed that millions of Xbox users have been hit by a phishing scam by cyber criminals. “In one phishing con, crooks sent emails to players directing them to bogus websites offering free Microsoft points that can be … Continue reading

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No, you haven’t won the ‘Microsoft Lottery’, sorry

Cybercriminals often build well-known & trusted brands into scams in their attempts to trick computer users into giving money or divulging sensitive information. We recently had a customer call us in relation to a telephone call from “Microsoft Tech Support”; … Continue reading

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Facebook will add new password protection tools

Facebook has announced that they will be adding two more password tools to its site in an attempt to boost security after growing concerns about the social networks privacy and security issues. The two new features, Trusted Friends and App … Continue reading

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Is the high value of personal data on smartphones leading to an increase in knife crime?

Recent police statistics show that robberies involving knives has risen from 13,994 in the twelve months running up to June of last year to 14,980 in the following twelve months. This 7 per cent increase is being credited at the … Continue reading

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HM Revenue & Customs Phishing Email

We reported earlier this week that research by CIFAS shows that 7% of the UK population have been victims of Identity Fraud. This week, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced that six million taxpayers are eligible for on average, … Continue reading

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National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

The National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, launched by leading organizations such as the Metropolitan Police & CIFAS, runs from the 17th to the 23rd of October. Its aim is to alert consumers and businesses to the threat of identity fraud … Continue reading

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Beware of spam iPhone 5 emails leading to malware

Tomorrow is the day that millions of Mac fans have been waiting for; Apple are due to reveal their plans for the latest version of the iPhone. No clues have been provided from Apple as to whether this will mean … Continue reading

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Fraudsters using social networks and dating sites to snare their victims

Recent research shows that more than 200,000 people in Britain have been victims of online romance fraud. Investigations by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) state that victim’s losses range from £50 to £240,000 and ‘the agency had learned of … Continue reading

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