Tools & resources

Tools & Resources

DataPatrol offers powerful protection against the theft, accidental disclosure and mis-use of your personal information online.

Even so, we think that consumers should do everything they can to keep their information safe in the first place – and on that score, there is no substitute for ‘safe surfing’. 

With this in mind, we have created a set of free tools and guides to help you to understand the risks, and the best practices that will help keep you even safer.

Free tools

Our free tools are all about peace of mind, for instance giving you

  • Immediate details of known data breaches online, so you’ll know straight away if your details are safe
  • Advice on spoof emails
  • Information on the fraud landscape in the UK.


Keep up to date with the latest threats, stories and talking points from the online world. Our monthly newsletters will provide information and advice on how to keep yourself protected from the latest hacks and scams.


Any queries? Check out our list of frequently asked questions for some quick answers.

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