Our partners

Our Commercial partners use Garlik DataPatrol to provide their customers with a simple way to maintain total control over their online identities and avoid falling victim to online crime. 

Some of the world’s best known retail banking, insurance, mobile and ISP brands work with Garlik to differentiate their product portfolios and add value to customer relationships, driving preference, loyalty and revenues. Typically, they provide DataPatrol to their customers in one of three ways:

  • As benefit within a premium current account
  • As an additional component of a full ID theft protection product
  • Retailed as standalone product.

Retail banking

DataPatrol enables retail banks to provide an innovative solution to a critical consumer concern – online crime and identity-based fraud. It can be delivered as a packaged account benefit and as a value add for customers who suffer fraud on their accounts.

DataPatrol is highly valued by banking customers - the banks already working with us realise strong utilisation rates and positive customer feedback.


DataPatrol enables insurers to more effectively protect their customers from online crime and identity-based fraud. It modernises home insurance by adding protection against the mis-use of personal information following the loss or theft of insured items such as computers, tablet devices and mobiles.

DataPatrol changes perceptions by engaging insurance customers outside of the quote, renewal, claim cycle. Building it into the claims process is proven to strengthen customer satisfaction.

Mobile telephony service providers

DataPatrol enables providers to address a growing consumer concern, by adding protection from online crime to handset or tablet insurance. It can be bundled with existing policies or sold as an optional add-on that protects personal information as well as devices.

DataPatrol is proven to drive loyalty by preventing misuse of customer information held on mobile devices, or added to the Internet via mobile devices.


DataPatrol enables ISPs to add a new dimension to security provisions designed to prevent customers falling victim to online crime. It can be offered as a value-added benefit, resold as a branded product or bundled into a rich security offering alongside anti-virus software and other features.

DataPatrol creates loyalty and differentiation through peace of mind - protecting individuals and families from online crime, not just Internet access devices, and helping them to stay safe online.

Our partners

We are proud to work with the biggest names in the banking sector - including NatWest, Barclaycard and RBS – as well as established brands in the insurance sector - CPP, Direct Line and More Than. 

In addition, we work in partnership with brands such as Sky, T-Mobile and Virgin Media to add a new layer of security to their ISP and mobile services.

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