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Garlik continues to develop new tools to proactively protect you from online and financial fraud.

Email checker

The number of high profile data breaches is steadily increasing as cybercriminals continue to exploit organisations failing to adequately secure customers’ personal information. An example is the loss of 70 million Sony PlayStation Network users’ details in April 2011.

This free email checker service enables you to see whether we have found your personal information being stolen, copied or disclosed online in the last 90 days.

Fraud hotspot map

This is a map of alerts for Garlik's DataPatrol customers. It details where customers have been alerted to the online disclosure or theft of personal information in the last 90 days.

Spoof emails

Scam emails have become increasingly sophisticated as cybercriminals go to ever greater lengths to trick you into sharing your personal information. In particular, a new breed of ‘spear phishing’ attacks are extremely believable.

If you receive an email and are not sure if it is a scam please forward it on to us at


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