Garlik Angel

Protect yourself online with Garlik Angel

Garlik Angel is your personal guardian online. It constantly watches over your personal, financial and contact details as you surf the web - alerting you if your identity is at risk of being stolen or you are about to fall victim to online, financial or identity fraud.

It provides powerful personal protection against online crime.

* Garlik Angel is currently only available from the Chrome Web Store (US only)


Are you at risk?

Are you sure that your personal and financial details are safe online, or are you at risk from credit/debit card or identity fraud?

Online criminals pick on easy targets. They rely on an ability to steal personal information and the use it fraudulently, whilst their victims are blissfully unaware of the risks they face. Garlik Angel makes it far harder for criminals to steal your personal information and then use it or trade it without your knowledge.

In short, as a Garlik Angel user you will not be an easy target. You will have total control over your personal information online, which is the key to protecting yourself from the risk of online crime.

How does Garlik Angel work?

Garlik Angel monitors the web, social networks and public databases to make sure that your personal information is not available to criminals:

  • After installing Garlik Angel, simply register your details on our database, which has the highest security validation possible
  • Garlik Angel monitors thousands of sites across the web, social networks and the dark web every day, to seek out your personal information
  • If Garlik Angel finds that you are at risk of falling victim to online crime, you’ll get an alert explaining the threat and offering you practical advice on how to put it right.

How do I buy Garlik Angel?

Garlik Angel is available from the Chrome Web Store (US only). It’s a low monthly subscription of $2.99.

If you are a Google Chrome user, just log into your Google account to access and pay for the service directly. Or just click on the logo below to install Garlik Angel from the US Chrome Web Store.

Get protected for $2.99 a month


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“Data Patrol sent me an alert via email, notifying that my personal details had been exposed.  I called Garlik Customer Service and spoke to an advisor who suggested I change my email password as well as passwords for any online accounts where my email address was registered..."

Free tools
  • Find out if your email address has been compromised in recent data breaches using our free email checker.

  • Our hot spot map illustrates where in the UK we have seen our users fall victim to online fraud

  • If you receive an email that you think might be a scam, even if you are not sure then let us know and we will give you our expert opinion.