Garlik's UK Alert Map October 2010

This is a map of alerts for Garlik's DataPatrol customers, showing where customers have been alerted to the online disclosure or theft of personal information in the last 90 days.

The results found are for customers of Garlik's DataPatrol service, which searches for personal information across a wide variety of data sources including public websites, compromised and stolen data sources being traded online and public databases. At this zoom the icons below will appear to represent where we have found different sized clusters of matches for our customers:

To protect anonymity the individual markers are placed with an approximate accuracy of 10 kilometres.

Zoom in a few times and you will start to see individual markers that represent that we have found information that either:

  • Puts the customer at Risk, these markers are displayed in yellow and indicate that we have found information on a public database such as the Electoral Roll, Companies House or the register of Births, Marriages and Deaths.
  • Is a potential Threat to the customer. The blue markers show that we have found sensitive customer information on publicly visible websites or social networks.
  • Indicates that theft of their personal information has already taken place and the customer is at a high risk of Fraud. The red markers indicate that we have seen sensitive information such as credit card details or an email address with password being offered for sale on online black market forums.
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